Sunday, 15 September 2013

'Tis the Season

Good Evening and I hope you have had a good weekend. It's pouring with rain at the moment so it's quite dark already. The shape of things to come I guess :0(

Anyway, I have been playing this afternoon and have had a dabble at some watercolouring. I am NOT very good at it and my little girl looks like something I saw on TV in the back of Del Boy's yellow Reliant Robin once ( go on admit it you know exactly what I mean!!)

Ta she/it is...

On reflection she perhaps doesn't look THAT bad ( who am I trying to kid...I am sitting here chuckling away to myself!!). That's it I'm off to remove the topper, you may well see the card base recycled with something else on top!! 

Enjoy the rest of your evening, if I haven't scared you too much. I bet there's a Rocky Horror Challenge Blog somewhere...I'd be sure to win!!

Take Care xx


Mojca said...

Hahahha do you mean that one that says:"eeeem what's up doc" :))))) oh I am a big fan of Only fools and horses :) And NOOOOOO! it doesn't look nothing like that. She is so cute and your card looks beautiful. I am bad at water coloring myself and I rather stick to Copics, but if you'll continue to color a lot I am sure you can improve your coloring with watercolors. hugs! MOjca

Carole said...

Thanks Sarah, you've put a smile on my face. Actually I'm chuckling too!!!!!!!!! Don't be so hard on yourself.

Carole xXx

Sue said...

Oh Sarah, thanks for making me laugh! Honestly though, you are far too hard on yourself. I think she is a cutie and your colouring is fabulous, much better than I could do with watercolours for sure.
I heard a rumour that we are due some warm weather next weekend - I'll believe it when it happens!
Sue xx

Debs said...

Oh Sarah you really are too hard on yourself - she loves totally adorable and the card shape is fabulous.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Debs xx

Annette said...

So cute, and I love the card shape.